GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS of by Daniel Hechenblaickner, located in 6020 Innsbruck, Leopoldstrasse 4 performs the service of wheel measurement (also called as bike fitting, bicycle biometrics or bicycle ergonomics with the implementation of biomechanical tests and analyzes, training advice, mechanical adjustment and optimization of seating position, advice, issuing of information, recommendations). In addition, Radvermessung provides general, non-personal information on the homepage.


Contents of the general terms and conditions (hereinafter referred to as AGB) are all services of by Daniel Hechenblaickner, hereinafter referred to as „Radvermessung“. The terms and conditions apply to both women and men, even if only the male name was given. By using the services, the customer accepts the terms and conditions. The valid form of the General Terms and Conditions is available on the Internet at


Registration is only possible online via the website The customer assures that the data given in the online registration are true and complete. The agreed service is considered binding if the date for the service by the customer and by wheel measurement have been confirmed in writing by email or SMS. The customer accepts the terms and conditions by clicking in the contact form, as well as by signing the anamnesis sheet at the appointment.


Vouchers are valid for 1 year from the date of issue and can therefore be redeemed by the beneficiary within this period.

terms of payment

The fee is to be paid immediately after each wheel measurement or by transfer or payment slip within 7 days to remit. Fees according to valid price list.

Vouchers are paid in cash or by bank transfer and only become valid after receipt of the account.

The non-use of the services does not entitle to deductions. In case of default of payment will be reminded by reminder and made after the statutory period in the action. The costs for attorney fees and default interest, as well as collection and reminder fees are borne by the customer in full.

Cancellation and illness

The agreed date can be canceled by the customer and Radvermessung with a period of 5 working days without giving reasons.

Short-term cancellations by the customer or wheel measurement are only possible if an accident or illness can be confirmed by a medical certificate. Otherwise and in case of no-show, the full invoice amount of the agreed service will be charged to the customer and must be paid in accordance with the terms of payment.


The liability of Radvermessung for personal injury, assets and property damage is limited to intent and gross negligence. Wheel measurement is not liable for the consequences of improperly performed exercises and movement tests.

Changing the seating position is only possible by loosening any screwed connections. The final and correct seat is checked by means of a torque wrench. The prescribed torques are carried out according to the manufacturer’s instructions on the respective component itself or in the instructions of the component manufacturer. The hexagon socket or Torx screws for fixing and clamping: saddle frame, seat post, stem stem and end cap / stem bearing system, handlebar stem, brake levers, shifters, brake and shifter assembly, aerobar, armpads and pedal cleats on both shoes and tightened with the recommended tightening torques.

Radvermessung assumes no liability whatsoever for any injuries, accidents, falls, personal injury or material damage occurring after the Radvermessung service, and can not be taken in connection with the service.

Small scratches or paint chips may occur during the wheel measurement and do not entitle to replacement or other claims.

The customer is expressly referred to these disclaimers in the anamnesis sheet and confirms this with his signature.

Health status of the customer

When wheel measurements physical strain is required, therefore, the implementation of a wheel measurement is only allowed in full health. Physiotherapeutically relevant or orthopedic problems must be stated in the medical history, so that it can be taken into consideration during the wheel measurement. Any health impairments occurring during the wheel measurement must be announced immediately.
The customer affirms that he / she does not suffer from an infectious disease and that there are no medical indications for carrying out exercises and activity on the bicycle. The customer also assures that s no pregnancy is known. Under the influence of drugs, alcohol or medicines (the latter except in the case of medical supervision only) wheel surveying is not permitted. However, wheel surveying does not have to be checked. All exercises and tests taking place within the framework of the wheel measurement are always carried out at your own risk and thus will no liability whatsoever for any injuries or adverse health effects of wheel measurement, unless wheel measurement would be premeditated or gross negligence.Mensionary responsibilityThe responsibility of underage customers lies with the guardians.Success wheel alignment is based on the current state of science and sets “ state of the art „methods around. The implementation happens to the best of our knowledge and belief. No guarantee can be given for the occurrence of a certain success of the treatment intended by the customer or other purposes. Privacy PolicyCustomer data are treated confidentially and are subject to the legal data protection regulations. The customer agrees that personal data provided in the anamnesis of wheel measurement will be stored. The customer also agrees that the contact data for newsletters or information from Radvermessung may be used. This declaration is revocable at any time. Customer data will not be passed on to third parties. More detailed regulations under DSVGO © by Daniel Hechenblaickner


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